Gil Trevizo (furrylogic) wrote,
Gil Trevizo

Fundable for Keith Herber's Widow

Keith Herber, one of the leading authors that created the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game in its formative years, passed away yesterday. Simply looking over the listing of his work at Pen & Paper RPG Database shows how much he has added to both CoC and this hobby as a whole. What stands out for me from that list are his work on the 1920's Investigator's Companion and Escape From Innsmouth, both of which set the standard of classic Lovecraftian roleplaying gamebooks.

It was a shame that Herber died just as he was getting back into publishing CoC material for his new imprint at Miskatonic River Press. I didn't know Keith beyond a few discussions we shared on the forums, but he always struck me as an intelligent, informed designer, one that got what CoC was all about and why it could be such an satisfying game to share with others. A fundable has been set up for Keith's widow Sharon at - I have contributed some money and would appreciate it if others who have enjoyed Keith's work would donate any small amount, which will go to defraying the costs of any funeral expenses that Mrs. Herber may have to endure.


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