Gil Trevizo (furrylogic) wrote,
Gil Trevizo

I Know What You Didn't Do Last Summer

So here's what I did:

  • Volunteered at San Francisco City Hall to help people of all sexual orientation get married as should be the right of all. I didn't get to do anything fun like officiate marriages but it was an extraordinarily moving experience. I have never seen so much happiness in one place at one time.

  • Handed out pro-Obama flyers and tried to register voters at San Francisco's Gay Pride parade. Jeannine got a horrible sunburn, I got called "daddy", people complained about Obama's stance on FISA, a couple people laughed about still being bitter about Hillary, one guy wished he could vote for both Obama and McCain, and another tore up the flyer as he yelled he'd never vote for a nigger. Still, a lot of people were pro-Obama and Jeannine succeeded in registering a couple of folks, which seemed remarkably impressive to the organizers.

  • Spent weeks hunting for houses now that they're available in the Bay Area at prices even a middle class white-collar worker saddled with a deadbeat husband can afford. Unfortunately, though the prices are low enough our finances aren't strong enough to manage the downpayment, so I...

  • ... spent more weeks hunting for rental homes now that we can afford a better place closer to the City than Concord. We're focusing on the Berkeley Hills, Albany, and San Francisco until April of next year, when we'll open it up to the greater East Bay.

  • Played some games at Good Omens Con 2. I kinda fucked up a Jedis in the Vineyard game (Dogs in the Vineyard played in the Star Wars Universe - it's surprising how much more appealing that system is when you're not playing Mormon theocrats enforcing Christian dogma like out of W's wet dreams) when I brought too much absurd playing a cannibalistic Ewok Dark Jedi. Had a great time with that though, as well as playing an evening game of Feng Shui.
Here's what I didn't do:
  • Write anything for Our Darkest Hour. I am teh suxxor.

  • Maintain my regular updates for this blog (obviously).

  • Go to ConQuest... almost. I'll be posting on that shortly.
Here's what I plan to do:
  • Get back in the saddle on Our Darkest Hour. I have really fallen down on the job here and need to restart my efforts in every field: with my research and my writing on both the chronology and the Karotechia chapter.

  • Find out something to run for DunDraCon. All of my gaming ideas at the moment are tied up in scenarios that go beyond the limits of the eight-hour one-shot, so I might end up running nothing at all.

  • Put together something to run at the October Mini-Con at Endgame. These things have been a hell of a lot of fun for me and really want to run there, but the four-hour time limit makes it difficult.

  • Start updating my damn blogs again.

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