Gil Trevizo (furrylogic) wrote,
Gil Trevizo

ODH Update

Not a lot of progress made over the past couple weeks, due primarily to KublaCon and the usual post-con lethargy. I spent all last week working on my scenario for the con, the con itself took all of the Memorial Day weekend, Tuesday was my weekly Shadowrun game, Wednesday I tried (and failed instantly) to start a regimen of diet and exercise, Thursday I got caught up in reading new comics and watching the Lost season finale, Friday I was lazy and watched Atonement (probably a good novel but pedestrian and pretentious as a film), and yesterday I was enthralled by coverage of the Democratic Party Rules & Byways Committee. In between all that, I did organize the Karotechia rough draft into a position where I can begin writing, which is what I plan to do over the next week. I am going to be more realistic, and set a goal of completing at least one of the pre-Karotechia sections (Ariosophy, Thule Gesellschaft, Ahnenerbe) by next Sunday.

My secondary goal will be to write up my Toteninsel scenario for publication. I don't plan to put it up anyplace other than the Delta Green: 1939-1945 website, but I do want it to be written in such a way as it'll be most useful for anyone that wants to run it.
Tags: call of cthulhu, delta green, gaming, our darkest hour

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