Gil Trevizo (furrylogic) wrote,
Gil Trevizo

ODH Update

Whisperer in Darkness and The Haunter in the Dark have been added fully to the chronology, but I punted on the rough draft of the Karotechia chapter. As I got into it, I decided that it was silly to write a rough draft quoting almost verbatim the Karotechia information in the Delta Green books, as I'm going to have to rewrite all that anyways. Instead, I'm going to try to make a full-out and proper rough draft, consisting of all the research and most of the ideas I've developed on the Karotechia. This is a much more ambitious undertaking, but I hope to get the early sections on Ariosphy, the Thulegesellschaft, and the Ahnenerbe done in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of which, next weeked is KublaCon, so they'll be no update till the following Sunday, June 1st. I don't expect to get much work done this coming week, as my time will be entirely focused on prepping my scenario for the convention. Still, my goals for the following week are to get those early sections of the Karotechia written into a rough draft.
Tags: call of cthulhu, delta green, gaming, our darkest hour

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