Gil Trevizo (furrylogic) wrote,
Gil Trevizo

ODH Update

I spent this past week mainly organizing stuff. I transferred my chronology (which currently starts in 1855 with the arrival of the Green Men of Agartha to Japan and ends in 1969 with the opening of Club Apocalypse in New York) into MS Excel, which is not the best format available but does allow me to filter the 916 (and growing) entries. I've also started go through my Karotechia notes, which are a complete mess. I wasn't able to add Whisperer in the Darkness to the chronology, but I hope to get that done this week. In addition, here are the other goals for the next week:
  • Continue working on the chronology. Besides Whisperer, I'm also hoping to add The Haunter in the Dark.
  • Continue organizing my Karotechia notes. I think I might be able to complete this task this week.
  • Write a rough draft of the Karotechia solely from material in the gaming books. I might be able to add the extra material from the fiction as well.
In the next two weeks, I'll also be doing some serious edits to my convention scenario Toteninsel, which I will be running at the KublaCon gaming convention in Burlingame (just south of San Francisco). This will be the last convention I'll be running it at, and when that's done I'll edit it  for non-pregenerated characters and put it up on the Delta Green: 1939-1945 website.
Tags: call of cthulhu, delta green, gaming, our darkest hour
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