February 18th, 2009

South Park Me

DunDraCon 2009

It was a good con, with only one game where I didn't have fun (and that was entirely my own fault). I picked up Pagan's new Mysteries of Mesoamerica in the dealer's room, and snagged a book on artifacts for the Masterbook Indiana Jones RPG system and the Weird Wars: Blood on the Rhine occult WWII game. Food was dirt-cheap, as the only time I paid more than five bucks for a meal was when I left the buffet table for nearby restaurants. There was an odd snafu where the power went out in the hotel just hours before my game started on Friday evening, but power was restored in time and I suffered no setbacks (though several folks got shafted as the game shuffler database was corrupted). Here's what I played:

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All in all, I had a good time, and got into plenty of decent (if not awe-inspiring magnificent) games. There is an Endgame mini-con coming up, and then there'll be my first and my favorite - KublaCon - in May.