September 5th, 2005

South Park Me

After-Con Report: ConQuest 2005

Back from ConQuest and very disappointed, but I'll keep my grumblings behind the cut.  I picked up some CoC booty, including:

Secrets of New York: Quite good, a pretty-much complete guidebook to NYC in the '20s along with a much-appreciated focus on Mythos content. This is not Secrets of Japan, and that's a good thing.

Cthulhu Invictus: The new Rome series on HBO may not be as grand as I'd hoped, but it's still giving me a minor itch to run some Latinized Cthulhu action.  For a MULA monograph, it's a quality product, chock full o' details on the level of (if not better than) its shinier cousin, Cthulhu Dark Ages.

Mysteries of Morocco: Another MULA monograph, a well-detailed guidebook to an esoteric topic, Morocco in the 1920's.  It's doubtful to be much of a font for gameplay beyond a one-shot or a campaign detour, but the book is remarkable for having a bunch of content on the Office of Naval Intelligence.  The author makes a few mistakes on the ONI (it was a much more ad-hoc and unprofessional organization than he writes of) but its otherwise solid.

Other than that, not a good con.  There's a decent chance that I won't be attending next year, and I may be switching out ConQuest with GenCon SoCal in my con plans next year.

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