August 26th, 2005

South Park Me

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So, bored out my mind and suffering from insomnia, I wandered over to to check out the "Other Periods" forum (the one with all the WWII threads), and happened on a thread linking to the website for Secrets of Japan put up by the author.  Looks good, nice to see support for a CoC product, but then I stumbled across the "Could've, Should've" Faq page.

Wow.  It looks like the author spent an inordinate amount of time and effort addressing the concerns raised in the review of Secrets of Japan I posted on this blog.  There are several thin-veiled jabs as well as a direct quote from my review.  Now I feel equal parts bemused and guilty..  but mostly bemused.  I'd never intended to raise this much ire.  The review was a snap thing, and not really meant to be posted anywhere but on this blog.  Don't get me wrong, I still stand by my judgment of Secrets of Japan, but I do feel a little guilty for inadvertently driving someone to so much grief.

Aw well... at least he's stating that the next book (three are planned) will focus more on game-related content, now that he's provided the cultural foundation in book one.  Though I still say that if I going to spend $40 for a cultural primer on Japan, it'll be for an actual cultural primer on Japan, not a thinly-veiled attempt masquerading as a sourcebook for a role-playing game.