May 31st, 2005

South Park Me

After-Con Report: KublaCon 2005

The con went pretty well.  I spent far too much at the dealer tables, far more at the overpriced buffet table, but I got to play some games I've never played before (Paranoia, Godlike) and had a good time with some old favorites (CoC, Savage Worlds).  If I broke it all down by how good the games were, KublaCon 2005 was probably the worst I've ever done.  However, going in with a more positive attitude than the last DundraCon and hanging with a bunch of fun folks made for a quite enjoyable experience.

On the other hand, I just watched Revenge of the Sith.  The review on Nick Brownlow's blog pretty much covers how I felt about it, though I would add that the common criticism that blames Lucas' scripts for the wooden characterizations strikes me as misplaced.  Yes, Lucas can't write dialogue for shit, but, with his inattentive directing, I gotta lay this off on the actors.  Only Ian McDiarmid, as Palpatine, turns in a good performance (or, for that matter, looks happy to be there), and there were a lot of places where the film might've registered some signs of life if the actor had only invested a little bit of emotion into their delivery.  All that said, I enjoyed myself, things blew up real good, and there was mercifully little Jar-Jar (though I wish the same could've been said of the Anakin-Padme "romance" scenes).  About the only thing that broke through my lowered expectations and actually annoyed me was that Wayne Pygram's (Scorpius on Farscape) role as the future Grand Moff Tarkin wasn't a speaking part.