March 2nd, 2005

South Park Me

The Dunkelhügel is alive, with the sound of Cyäegha...

Many months ago, I purchased The Disciples of Cthulhu, mainly to read "Darkness, My Name Is," a story written by Eddy C. Bertin, which I finally sat down to read last weekend.  Bertin's story, written in the late 1960's, was set in the isolated German town of Freihausgarten, and dealt with an American interloper investigating the Dunkelhügel, a dark hill connected with strange rituals to the god Cyäegha.  The story follows a pretty standard pattern for Mythos stories (i.e. curiosity gets the better of the protagonist), but it's interesting in regards to ODH as it's one of the few stories set in Germany.  It's difficult to see how Freihausgarten can be used in ODH: it's very isolated, the locals don't seem to ever leave the town, and anyone who looks too closely at the Dunkelhügel ends up neutralized in one way or another. It's feasible that the Karotechia might be lead to Freihausgarten in much the same way the American was, by following the clues left in the Mythos tome Von den Verdammten.  But once there, it'd be difficult for the Karotechia to get away.  For one thing, I read Cyäegha in a very different way that it's described in the Encyclopedia Cthulhiana or the CoC rulebook.  Rather than simply a dark mass of tentacles around a giant eye, my impression was that Cyäegha, when revealed, was a massive presence that encompassed virtually all of reality.  Indeed, when Bertin writes of other Old Ones (i.e. Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, etc.) being part of Cyäegha, it's almost as if the god is reality itself.  So Freihausgarten might make an excellent background for a deadly scenario that kills off everyone that touches the Dunkelhügel (i.e. a Mythos variation on The Keep) but it's unlikely to affect the history of the Karotechia as a whole in any great way (which is what I was kinda hoping for).

In other news, it's looking more and more certain that I will have my WWII-era Delta Green scenario ready to run by KublaCon.  Though I've had the skeleton in place for awhile, it's only recently that I've figured out just what will be the Mythos threat in the piece.  It also looks like I might be able to get the sucker published once it's finished, either through The Black Seal, Worlds of Cthulhu, or at the very least on my DG: 1939-1945 website.