February 18th, 2005

South Park Me

Off to DundraCon

Packing for DundraCon this morning, which will be the first convention that I've gotten a room for (even though it's only about a half-hour drive from my home, the all-day gaming that usually goes late into the night makes the commute grueling). We'll see if this changes my experience from last year, which was pretty bad, when the powers-that-be scheduled virtually all the horror games on Friday (it was a 13th) leaving me with little to do for the rest of the con. My planned purchases are the new Chaosium monograph on the King in Yellow (looks like it might be sold out though), Secrets of Japan, and whatever GURPS WWII books I can find cheap.

Not much to report since the last update, other than schoolwork. For Valentine's Day, the wife got me the first action figure I've had since I was maybe 12 years old, although I temper my guilt over being a stunted adolescent geek that it's more of a statue.  Started watching season one of Alias on DVD from Netflix, which reasserted why this was an impossible series for me to keep up with on broadcast (miss an episode and you're lost, and the cliffhangers are extreme). Also strengthened my theory that Kate in Lost was really Sydney Bristow before the crash.