February 11th, 2005

South Park Me

Long time no blog...

Schoolwork's taken up a suprising degree of time recently, so I've not got much work done on ODH. Even my ODH-related reading has been listless, as I'm still in the middle of reading Himmler's Crusade. I did get a chance to run something - Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37 - which went well, but does have some problems. The scenario was designed for tournament play, but I have no idea how it could be run as written in less than two-three sessions. I ended up having to compress what would've been several days of ever-increasing attacks by the Mythos baddie down to a single evening, though this was fine as that aspect of the scenario looked tiresome as it was. That baddie fits well with the background of Stalin's collectivization drive, but the scenario (like many canned CoC scenarios) relies more on handouts than NPC interaction to provide the information for the investigation. Since I've found that my happiest CoC experiences went the opposite way, I'm convinced that I've got to start brewing up my own stuff to run.

In school, my thesis is starting to focus on the OSS (particularly when viewed as a kind of New Deal program), so I plan to do a bunch of reading and re-reading in the next couple of months to see if I can sharpen that idea into something workable. This should also jumpstart my work on both the OSS/DG chapter and the article on pre-WWII P Division I want to do for Worlds of Cthulhu. I also read The Cheese and the Worms by Carlo Ginzburg for a class, which lead me to The Night Battles, which got me to thinking about using the Benandanti as an anti-Mythos/anti-Fascist cult in wartime Italy. More on that later.

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