January 1st, 2005

South Park Me

Happy New Year and Good Riddance...

... to 2004.  It's true that I've had worse years, and the past twelve months have been relatively good to me.  I've abandoned the wage slave lifestyle and am back doing something I love (studying history), and though my health hasn't improved, it certainly hasn't gotten worse.  No, '04 goes down as another anno terribilis mainly for what's happened outside my immediate reality and in the political, social, and cultural world at large.  Hopefully 2005 will be a better year.

So according to my livejournal archives, a year ago today I was watching The Sandbaggers (great), reading Unholy Alliance (better than expected), and running Beyond the Mountains of Madness (meh).  Now I am watching Carnivale (good when you ignore the convoluted and meandering story and just bask in the Depression-era weirdness of it all), reading Himmler's Crusade (like Unholy Alliance, much better than expected), and looking at running Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37 (looks interesting but might prove frustrating in gameplay, still suprised me for the deep Delta Green roots in its background). 

I also made some resolutions, most of which failed to happen.  I haven't started a WWII-era Delta Green campaign, haven't finished a single chapter of Our Darkest Hour, and did not lose some pounds.  I did succeed in doing well in my classes (though I'm still worried if I'm doing well enough to enter a PhD program when the time comes), did make the missus smile, and obviously have survived to see how I did with those resolutions.  So my new set of resolutions are:

  • Run a WWII-era Delta Green scenario.  I'd still like to run a campaign, but I'd also like to meet more resolutions this year.
  • Lose some pounds.  I turn 34 this year and am starting to feel my years.
  • Finish reading every book currently on the Our Darkest Hour research section of my bookshelves.
  • Catch the migration of the red-tailed hawks at Hawk Hill around October.
  • Buy this for my birthday and/or Christmas.  I'm saving this for 2006.
  • Spend more time at the beach come spring.  I spent the first 26 years of life far from the ocean, and now live on the Bay.  I should experience the ocean more.
  • Finish a rough draft of the "organization" chapters in ODH.  This is quite unlikely, but I want to do more than just one such chapter this year.
  • Make the missus smile.  Always my most fun resolution and still the easiest to meet.
  • And, same as 2004, survive to see how I did with these resolutions come January 1, 2006.